Tail Update for the Northern San Juan Mountains 5/10/17

Greetings this rainy and cool spring day. The open trails in the northern San Juan Mountains, the Ouray-Silverton area, are as follows:

Silverton to Animas Forks (County Rd 2)

Ophir Road- from 550 to the top of Ophir

Yankee Boy Basin- to the restrooms. (Plowing is estimated to be completed by Friday, May 12th)

Coming Soon (but not just yet):

Red Mountain Town

Corkscrew pass


Update 7/10/17

All roads open! Except for Poughkeepsie Gulch. The key holders for the gate at the bottom of PG have not seen fit to open it yet.  (*cough*westernslopefourwheelers*cough*)


Update 7/21/17

Camp Bird Road, Co rd 361, is closed at the Thistledown Campground due to mudslides.  County crews are working to get it open again.